Coffered Ceiling for Your House

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Coffered ceiling actually we can say it in the other words is the attic. That is true because what we mean by the coffered in here is the kind of the space that lies between the ceiling and the roof, and that space actually being used to store the stuff that is no longer being used such the old toys, the old shirts and etc. Why the attic? Actually people has the consideration before they throw everything, for instance, they have the old toys but they think that someday it might come in handy and will be useful again so that they store it in the attic.
But actually the function of the attic is not just to store the stuff; actually you may want to have the bedroom in the attic that is possible too. Coffered ceiling could be functioned as a bedroom in the case you have the large and spacy ceiling. This is actually very interesting because it’s very rare that the people have the bedroom in the ceiling, but there are several things to concern. First is that you need to concern about the strength of the ceiling, and second you need to consider about the beds as well.
Actually the ceiling in here has limited capacity in the term of upholding the weight. As we all know that the weight of the beds sometimes is very weight and hard to uphold, and we all realize too that the strength of the ceiling is not as strong as the ground. Therefore if you still want to have the bedroom in the attic, then you may need to have the light beds. Coffered ceiling in here will be great things for you house, but in the case of you house, you need to consider those things for you house too.

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14 Photos of the Coffered Ceiling for Your House

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