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Concrete countertops are the precast concrete that functionalized as a countertops (usually refer to kitchen, bathroom, lavatories or general worksurface). Due to its creation nature concrete countertops can be costumizing in so many way, from various kind and unique colors choises, various shapes and edges, and various features that can be choose to your heart content. Concrete countertops generally handmade, so this thing often produced by small shop or individual artisans. As for you, if you have a good skill to makes construction material such as this concrete, you can make it yourself.
First of all, you need to do is makes your concrete design. Concrete countertops as you know can be utilizing with so many way, so after you choose which form you want to make (kitchen, bathroom, lavatories or general worksurfaces), you have to measure the countertop you need. After measuring, cut the molding base, better use melamine base, and give a little additional length all the way around. Then cut for the side pieces to the desired thickness, and additinal length on both end. Attach the pieces together using the butt join and seal the form with silicone caulk. After that, prepare the inner reinforcement and you ready to poor the concrete. Clean it and let curing for 10 days.
To finish your concrete, unscrew the side form and pry the side gently. Then flip over the concrete and pry the base off the countertop. At this step, you are already get your concrete and the next step is to cleaning your concrete. Clean your countertop with muriatic acid to remove any residue, then using sander, sand your countertop and the side to get smooth edges. Next seal countertop using penetrative sealer, and wax using food safe wax. Concrete countertops now ready to install in your cabinet.

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