Interior and Exterior Spiral Staircase

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Spiral staircase is kind of staircase which has spiral style and it is going to make the interior and the exterior of your home looks so beautiful and incredible at the same time. No matter the space is big or small, you can build the staircase inside of your home. The important thing that you have to do is make the good design which is suitable for the room. After that you have to think about the best concept which is matching with the decoration around. However, if you are interested to build a staircase, just keep reading.
The first is going to tell you about mini spiral metal staircase. Just like the name, the staircase is made of metal and it is going to make your home looks so wonderful. When you want to make the spiral metal staircase, you should make it small. Spiral staircase which is made of metal usually used for mini design. Why? Because the price of metal is a little bit expensive. Beside that spiral metal staircase is usually placed on the outside. Since it is made of metal, it is totally suitable for exterior because metal is the best weather resistant.
The second is going to tell you about spiral contemporary staircase. If you want to make the interior of your home gets a modern look, you should build this second staircase. Actually, most of staircase which is used for interior made of wood and the best wood for staircase is teak. As you already known that teak is not only durable, but also the style makes the interior gets a modern perfectly. Spiral staircase which is made of wood also has many types such as rustic and classic. Therefore, those are two simple spiral staircases you might like for exterior and interior.

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10 Photos of the Interior and Exterior Spiral Staircase

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