Lamp Shades Decoration

lamp shade drum

Lamp shades are the place for the lamp which can make a shadow. This means that when the lamp is placed in this place, it can make a shadow. When talking about this kind of house decoration there is so much talk about this decoration. Beside as a place of lamp, this kind of decoration can also make the room more beautiful that before. This means that this kind of decoration can be a decoration which can make the room looks beautiful and also this will make your room looks greater. This article will talk about this kind of decoration for the lamp. The second paragraph of this article will tell you about many kinds of this decoration. Lamp shades have many kinds of models. The first is handmade model. This kind of decoration is making by you. You can make many kinds of model like start, love, and others model whatever you want. You can make it by the paper. The second model is Diy. What’s the meaning of diy? Diy is do it by yourself. This means that you make your own this kind of decoration but there is a step that you have to follow. The third model is wood. This kind of model is made by wood. This is suitable for classical theme. Lamp shades have been widely used by many people in the world. This kind of decoration can be used in the ceiling and also in the side of your bed. In other word, this can be used as your lamp place in your room. This kind of decoration has many kinds of model. Most people love to use wood model. Although this kind of model is suitable for classical one, but this also can be used in all the house theme. So, choose your best.

lamp shade finials

15 Photos of the Lamp Shades Decoration

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