Marble and Stacked Stone Fireplaces

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Stone fireplaces are kinds of fireplace which are made of stone. When you want to make the interior of your home becomes more incredible, you should build the stone fireplace. As you already known that fireplace is not only used to make the room gets warm, but also it makes the decoration around the room becomes more beautiful than before. Actually, there are many kinds of stone fireplace which make your home looks wonderful all the time. However, if you are interested about the stone fireplace, stay here and keep reading this article.
The first kind of stone fireplace is stacked stone fireplace. Just like the name, the fireplace is made of stacked stone and it is going to make the fireplace looks so classic. As you know that stacked stone makes everything becomes so rustic. Beside that stacked stones are typically with rectangular shape, and it also makes the fireplace gets a stylish look. Stone fireplaces should be supported by the decoration around, so you have to think about the room background. Furthermore, if you want to make the stacked stone fireplace looks beautiful more and more, you can place some logs and inserts inside of the firebox.
The second kind of stone fireplace is marble stone fireplace. Definitely, this stone fireplace is going to make the decoration around gets an amazing look every day and every night. Just like what you have known that marble is the best stone which makes the room looks awesome. Stone fireplaces which are made of marble also make the room looks so luxurious and glamorous at the same time. Then, if you want to make it looks perfect, you can cover the fireplace with a luxurious panel screen. Therefore, those are two kinds of stone fireplace which are suitable for your room.

stone fireplaces

10 Photos of the Marble and Stacked Stone Fireplaces

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