The Lovely Murphy Beds

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Murphy beds are a kind of bed that very easy to be placed, you can pull the bed to the wall after you use the bed, folding the bed and put the bed somewhere or even put the bed inside the wardrobe, cabinet, or closet. Do you know why the bed calls that way? Actually The bed is named that way because it’s created by William Lawrence Murphy who found this idea when he was seduce an opera singer but he live in a little apartment room in San Francisco. So, he tried to make his room looked longer by created this kind of bed to impress the opera singer.

The bed is really helpful especially when your house is too small and only has little space for bed room. Murphy beds are made because of this reason. This bed don’t need larger space, so it’s really save your place space and you can put the other furniture that you really need in the empty space. This kind of bed is really popular among the people who has small house, people who live in small apartments, small hotels, mobile house even it’s very popular among dormitories.

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The bed is become very popular after the economic crisis that forces people to buy small than the larger thing to save money. Murphy beds are become one of the furniture that almost become number one choice for every people who get economical problems. You need to consider a few things before you buy the bed. First; you have to make sure the bed made from safety material. Second; you should choose the bed that not too heavy, so you won’t get trouble when you put the bed inside the closet or when you try to take the bed out. Third; you should choose the bed that has suitable design with your bedroom.

11 Photos of the The Lovely Murphy Beds

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